Cakes at Italian Pastry Shop


How To Order Cakes

Cakes at our Italian Pastry Shop run from classic carrot cake to a variety of cheesecakes.

Remember, our pastry shop is open from Wednesday to Sunday.

Be sure to place orders 48 hours in advance for PICK UP in-store from Thursday through to Sunday only.

Our cake menu rotates weekly, so you can always select a scrumptious cake from the showcases.

Phone: (613) 233-2104


The House Cakes

Magdalena Cake

Our House Cake the delectable Magdalena Cake. Featuring vanilla sponge cake layers with both chocolate and vanilla pastry cream, this cake is too good to resist. It can be made with or without rum syrup.

Chocolate House Torte

With FOUR layers of chocolate sponge and rum syrup, the chocolate pastry cream-filled Chocolate House Torte is always a hit. The chocolate buttercream layer is topped with rich chocolate ganache glaze. Delicate rosette swirls, and strawberries are the final decorative touches. Order today!

The Classics

STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE (Left), BLACK FOREST CAKE ( Centre). MANGO TORTE ( Right) See description under Mousse Cakes.

Black Forest Cake

Three rich layers of chocolate sponge cake with kirsch syrup, chocolate buttercream, cherries, and whipped cream. Perfect for get-togethers.

Strawberry Shortcake

Think four delicious vanilla sponge layers with strawberry syrup, filled with airy mousseline cream and decorated with real whipped cream and Ontario strawberries (in season).

Raspberry Shortcake

For something a little bit different don’t forget about our luscious Raspberry Shortcake. With four delectable layers of vanilla sponge, raspberry syrup and mousseline, this spectacular cake is topped with a raspberry mirror glaze.

Pistachio Cake

This cake is a stand-out! Comprised of FOUR layers of vanilla sponge, flavoured with Kirsch syrup, it’s layered with delectable pistachio buttercream. Even more pistachio buttercream is swirled around the exterior. Then it’s covered with a delectable sweet white chocolate ganache, lightly tinted pale pistachio green.

Cappuccino Torte

Our Cappuccino Torte is sure to please. It’s made with FOUR layers of vanilla sponge with chocolate syrup, mocha pastry cream, and chocolate pastry cream. Iced with mocha buttercream, we bet you will eat more than one piece! Slab cakes are available to serve the whole family.

MOCHA ( Left) HAZELNUT (Centre) CARROT CAKE ( Right)

Mocha Torte

Think FOUR delicious layers of vanilla sponge flavoured with coffee syrup. It’s layered with an airy mix of coffee pastry cream combined with fluffy whipped cream. The icing on this cake? Coffee buttercream, of course!

Hazelnut Cake

Our Hazelnut Cake is a delicious combination that starts with FOUR layers of fluffy vanilla sponge flavoured with hazelnut syrup. Layered in between is nutty hazelnut pastry cream lightened with airy whipped cream.  Swirled in buttercream and edged with crushed nuts, this cake is topped off with piped decorations, drizzles of chocolate, and whole hazelnuts.

Carrot Cake

Carrot cake is always at the top of our list. With three layers of warmly spiced, nut-free carrot cake, it’s layered with heavenly sweetened cream cheese filling.  Then, the entire cake is surrounded by light vanilla buttercream. Delight your nostalgic dreams.

Red Velvet Cake

Description coming soon!

Tiramisu Cake

FOUR layers of chocolate sponge cake are brushed with coffee-flavoured syrup and layered with delectable tiramisu mousseline to make our Tiramisu Layer Cake. Then it’s embellished with tiramisu buttercream, chocolate vermicelli, swirling rosettes, chocolate curls, and a dash of cocoa. It’s a coffee lover’s favourite!

Mimosa Cake

Meant to represent the golden flower the cake is named after, the Mimosa Cake, is a delicious combination. Vanilla sponge cake is layered with pastry cream and delectable pineapple. Then, the cake is decorated entirely with square pieces of sponge cake.


This classic French square cake is crafted with FOUR layers of vanilla biscuit gently brushed with coffee syrup. Next, it’s layered with both coffee buttercream and rich dark chocolate ganache buttercream. The Opera Cake is topped off with chocolate ganache and decorative chocolate curls for the grand finale.

Honore Torte

Description coming soon!

These cakes are available in 7 inches (serves 6-8), 8 inches (serves 8-12), 9 inches (serves 12-14), 10 inches, (serves 14-18), 12 inches (serves 20-35), 14 inches (serves 35-45) and a slab cake that serves 45-60.

***Order to pick up in store Thursday to Sunday.


The Chocolate Collection

CHOCOLATE SWISS CAKE ( Centre) shown with HAZELNUT CAKE(Left) and TIRAMISU (Right)

Chocolate Swiss Cake

Chocolate lovers unite! This masterful chocolate cake features FOUR layers of light chocolate sponge, brushed with rum syrup. Inside, you’ll find layers of chocolate truffle ganache and whipped chocolate buttercream. The outside is poured, pure chocolate ganache fancifully decorated with buttercream rosettes, chocolate wafers, and curls.


Chocolate Raspberry Torte

This beautiful Chocolate Raspberry Torte blends the richness of chocolate with the sweetness of raspberries. We think it’s the perfect combination! It starts with FOUR layers of chocolate sponge flavoured with fragrant raspberry syrup. Each layer is filled with crushed raspberries on a bed of raspberry mousse. Then, it’s completely covered with dark chocolate truffle ganache. Decoratively divine it’s finished with piped rosettes, fresh raspberries, and shaved chocolate.

 Chocolate Strawberry Torte

Our Chocolate Strawberry Torte has FOUR decadent layers of scrumptious chocolate sponge with strawberry syrup. This cake is layered with strawberry mousse and fresh-cut strawberries. The entire cake is covered with dark chocolate truffle ganache. It’s topped with strawberries, of course!

Chocolate Marzipan Torte

The Chocolate Marzipan Torte is a delicious European-style cake with FOUR layers of chocolate cake, ground almonds, rum, raspberry jam, marzipan, and buttercream. If you like the combination of chocolate and nuts with a hint of fruity flavours, this cake is for you.

Chocolate Victorian Cake ( Also known as Chocolate Rum)

For chocolate lovers, try our Chocolate Victorian Cake. Four decadent layers of chocolate sponge cake with rum syrup, and rich chocolate buttercream. Queen Victoria, who was known for her love of tea and cake would have love this. Order today!

Mozart Torte

Our Mozart Torte is made with THREE layers of delicious chocolate mocha cake layered with rum syrup, mocha mousseline, and chocolate ganache. Decadent!

Chocolate Amaretto Layered Cake

The flavourful Chocolate Amaretto Layer Cake starts with FOUR layers of light vanilla sponge brushed with Amaretto syrup. Each layer is stacked with chocolate mousseline and chocolate Amaretto paste. A light buttercream surrounds the cake. Finally, it’s finished off with a chocolate ganache glaze and sliced almonds around the sides.

Chocolate Grand Marnier

Chocolate with orange is a classic combination. Our Chocolate Grand Marnier Cake is FOUR layers of chocolate sponge cake brushed with Grand Marnier. Between the layers, you’ll enjoy the taste sensation of chocolate mousseline and orange paste. The cake is covered with milk chocolate ganache and lavishly decorated.

Chocolate Sacher Torte

This recipe from Vienna, Austria, is world-famous. At PGI, we bake off FOUR layers of chocolate sponge and brush on a rum syrup. Raspberry and sweet apricot jam fill the layers. After a thin layer of chocolate buttercream is added, our Chocolate Sacher Torte is glazed with chocolate ganache. Edged with chocolate vermicelli, it’s then ready to enjoy. Order this classic European torte today!

Gianduja (or Chocolate Hazelnut)

Gianduja is a delicious blend of chocolate and hazelnuts invented in Italy. Our FOUR-layer Chocolate Gianduja Cake is brushed with hazelnut syrup. Next, this luxurious cake is filled with chocolate pastry cream, whipped cream, and lusciously nutty gianduja paste. After adding delicate swirls of chocolate buttercream, the entire cake is enrobed in milk chocolate ganache. Chocolate rosettes, chocolate wafers, and hazelnuts are the final embellishments.

Flourless Chocolate Cake- Gluten Free

Looking for a gluten-free cake? Our Flourless Chocolate Cake is a rich, dense chocolate cake made with eggs, icing sugar, and delectable bittersweet chocolate. Cascading curls of white, milk, and dark chocolate add pure delight.

Fruit Favourites

Slice into our new Lemon Meringue Cake

Lemon Meringue Cake

Our Lemon Meringue Cake. It’s light and luscious. Lip-licking lemon flavour is wrapped up in fluffy billows of meringue.  We bet you can’t take just one bite. Luckily, you won’t have to!

Lemon Layer Cake

The perfect light Lemon Layer Cake. Think FOUR layers of chocolate sponge with lemon syrup and filling. It’s topped with vanilla buttercream and mirror glaze.

Lemon Raspberry

First up is our citrus and berry-inspired Lemon Raspberry Torte. Imagine biting into four stacks of lemon-infused vanilla sponge cake layers. Sandwiched between each are luscious lemon pastry cream AND delectable raspberry pastry cream. For the finale, the entire cake is iced with billows of real vanilla buttercream.

Deluxe Tropical Fruit

Our light and luscious Deluxe Tropical Fruit Torte contains three layers of airy vanilla sponge with rum syrup, pastry cream, and fresh fruit.

Bavarian Fresh Fruit Filled Torte

Description coming soon!

Mango Layer Torte

Description coming soon!

Strawberry Kirsch Torte

Description coming soon!

Fresh Fruit Deluxe

Description coming soon!

Mousse Cakes


All mousse cakes are available in 7-inch (serves 6-8) or 9-inch (serves 12- 14)

We also sell individual-sized mousse cakes.

***Please give 48 hours notice when ordering or select from the variety already prepared in our showcase.  

Strawberry Mousse Cake

Pretty in pink! For something lighter, order our Strawberry Mousse Cake. The bottom layer is a chocolate sponge topped off with a deep layer of strawberry mousse made with real strawberry puree. Then, the pink-coloured white chocolate glaze is poured over the top.  White chocolate swirls and fresh strawberries top off this elegant cake. Order today!


Luscious raspberry mousse consisting of fresh raspberry puree sits upon a vanilla sponge cake brushed with divine raspberry syrup. This light and delectable cake is finished with raspberry puree and decorated with fresh raspberries. Our Raspberry Mousse Cake is the perfect fruit ending to any meal. Order today!

Passionfruit Mousse Cake

Our exotic Passionfruit Mousse Cake with raspberry mirror glaze is sure to please. It’s one layer of vanilla sponge with passionfruit puree, and real cream whipped into a light, airy mousse. A tropical sensation.

Mango Mousse

The tropical Mango Mousse Cake starts with a layer of chocolate sponge cake topped with real mango mousse and decorated with fresh fruit. It’s an exotic favourite any time of year. YUM! Order now!

White Chocolate Grand Marnier

FOUR layers of vanilla sponge brushed with orange brandy syrup comprise the base of our White Chocolate Grand Marnier Mousse. Bite into the centre and discover a light white chocolate mousse filling with orange citrus peel. A soft layer of vanilla buttercream surrounds the cake, then it’s covered with a white chocolate glaze. Piped rosettes and candied peel are the final decorative elements.


Okay, blackberry lovers! This mousse cake is for you. Think of one layer of airy vanilla sponge delicately brushed with Cassis syrup. It’s topped with a creamy mousse made from blackberry and Cassis puree and lightly whipped cream. More Cassis puree lines the top, and then it’s elegantly set off with fresh, plump blackberries.

Chocolate Brownie Mousse

Who doesn’t love chocolate brownies? Our Chocolate Brownie Cake starts with a dense, chocolatey brownie base. It’s topped off with a thick layer of melt-in-your-mouth Belgian chocolate mousse. This truly is a chocolate lover’s dream cake. Place your order!

Decadent Chocolate Mousse Layer Cake

Our Decadent Chocolate Mousse Layer Cake is crafted with four layers of deep, rich chocolate cake. Each layer is brushed with chocolate syrup and filled with decadent chocolate mousse. Then, after it is iced thinly with chocolate buttercream, delicious chocolate truffle glaze is poured over top. Of course, we must decorate it with Belgian chocolate curls and bobbles! It’s a beauty!

Chocolate Raspberry

Description coming soon!

Chocolate Hazelnut

Description coming soon!

Triple Chocolate

Description coming soon!

Zuccotto Bombe Mousse

Description coming soon!


All cheesecakes are available in 7-inch (serves 6-8) or 9-inch (serves 12- 14)

We also sell individual-sized cheesecakes.

***Please give 48 hours notice when ordering or select from the variety already prepared in our showcase.  

Baked Cheesecakes  

New York Style Cheesecake

Our New York Style Cheesecake at PGI is made with real cream cheese, pure vanilla, and just a hint of lemon. Strawberries and whipped cream make for a perfectly balanced topping.

Amaretto Cheesecake

Amaretto Cheesecake is so perfect!  The cheesecake layer is made with sumptuous cream cheese, lovely light white chocolate, and almond paste. It rests on a chocolate sponge cake brushed with sweet amaretto syrup. Finally, the whole cake is glazed with white chocolate and decorated with amaretti cookies. It’s delicious!

Blueberry Swirl Cheesecake

Creamy and velvety in texture, our Blueberry Swirl Cheesecake is made with blueberry jam. That’s what gives it a distinctively decorative blue swirl. It’s baked on a round of vanilla sponge cake and topped with fresh local blueberries.

Butterscotch Cheesecake

Butterscotch Cheesecake will be a hit! With a delicious chocolate sponge, this cheesecake is topped with chocolate brownies and white chocolate shavings. Available in a 7-inch cake only.

Nutella Cheesecake

Nutella is a famous Italian spread made with a delicious blend of hazelnuts and sweetened cocoa. At PGI, we have incorporated Nutella into a creamy homemade cheesecake. These delectable cheesecakes are available in single servings too. Solo dining has never tasted so sweet!


Description coming soon!

Chocolate Decadent

Description coming soon!

Red Velvet Cheesecake

Description coming soon!

White Chocolate Grand Marnier

Description coming soon!

Oreo Cheesecake

Description coming soon!

Pumpkin Marble (seasonal)

Description coming soon!

Unbaked Cheesecakes

Tiramisu Cream Cheesecake

Description coming soon!

Special Ocassion Cakes

Celebrating a special occasion? Our cakes can bring extra joy to your day. Contact us!

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