Christmas Treats

Christmas Treats

Every year, about a month before Christmas, we start baking Christmas treats. Think of us in our bakery kitchen preparing ahead just like Santa’s elves in their North Pole work shop.

Christmas Treats at Pasticceria Gelateria Italian
Don’t delay! Order from our lineup of Christmas treats from Pasticceria Gelateria Italiana.

Our Line Up of Christmas Treats

Italian Panettone

Our classic Italian Christmas cake. Order quickly, as cakes are limited!

PANETTONE (centre) shown with our new PANDOLCE GENOVESES( left) and STOLLEN (right)

Yule Logs

Would it be Christmas without a Yule Log? You are in for a Christmas treat with FOUR varieties to choose from.

All our Yule Logs start with a vanilla cake base. Our Vanilla Yule Log is filled with vanilla buttercream and raspberry jam. Chocolate Yule Log has whipped chocolate ganache inside. The Mocha Yule Log contains delectable mocha buttercream and raspberry jam.

Our two specialty Yule Logs include the Tiramisu Log and the Pistachio Log. The Tiramisu Log has a twist. It’s filled with coffee mousseline cream and ladyfingers soaked in coffee. Next, it’s coated in Belgian milk chocolate ganache. Our Pistachio Log is filled with nutty pistachio mousseline and topped off with a white chocolate pistachio ganache.


Traditional Christmas Fruitcake

This year, we have FIVE types of fruitcake.

Traditional Fruitcake is the classic type you know and love. While Cranberry Almond is a twist on the original. Ginger and Spice is a fruitcake favourite, minus the dried fruit. Our Dundee Cake is a salute to Scotland, with the distinctive whole almond topping.

Then, there is Madeira Cake, a popular Victorian treat from days past. It’s meant to be eaten with Madeira, the wine from Portugal.

One of our customers challenged us to make a Pandolce Genovese. It’s round like an Italian Panettone but tastes more like a fruitcake studded with fruits and nuts. Here we’ve swapped out the pine nuts for almonds. The Pandolce Genovese also contains flavorful anise seed and sweet Marsala wine.

Christmas Fruitcakes at PGI
FRUITCAKES available at PGI

Panforte di Siena

This Tuscan-style Christmas cake is a dense, spiced fruit and nut cake that deserves its own category. Order a cake and you will see why!

German-Style Stollen

As a European bakery, we had to include the German-Style Stollen. Made with dried fruits and nuts, the centre is filled with marzipan before baking. Later, the entire loaf is sprinkled with icing sugar. Let it snow! Not many bakeries in the city make German-Style Stollen, so order ahead.

Traditional Christmas Cookies

You’ll want to stock up on our Decorated Christmas Sugar Cookies. Thick, delicious, and sweet, these are the cookies of childhood memories. What’s more, each of these cookies is decorated with royal icing. Yum!

Gingerbread Cookies are a European tradition. Order some of our decorated Gingerbread Cookies and add these Christmas treats to your cookie platters. And don’t forget classic Christmas Shortbread to leave out on Santa’s cookie plate.


Italian Christmas Cookies

Biscotti! Biscotti and more biscotti! Biscotti come in a full range of flavours. Available in miniature sizes, all are packaged and ready for Christmas treats and stocking stuffers.

Don’t forget the Italian Honey Cookies. You might also want to add Stomatico Calabrese Biscuits. These spiced cookies are perfect to dip in wine or a sweet liqueur.

We also have Gluten-Free Almond Amaretti and Gluten-Free Pistachio Meringues.

Can’t decide? Pick up one of our Assorted European Cookie Boxes.

Chocolate Christmas Treats

Chocolate bars and chocolate truffles are available in a wide variety of flavours. Of course, we have traditional chocolate characters. Think Santa Claus.


Other Christmas Candies


A variety of flavourful fudge

Almond Nougat dipped in chocolate.

Almond Brittle

Orange Peel dipped in chocolate.

Other Desserts

End your Christmas and festive holiday meals with a Baked Alaska. Order ahead.


We are so happy to offer you our Christmas treats. Thank you for welcoming us into your homes.

Wishing you all the joy and memories that the season brings!