Italian Specialties are our Specialty!

If you aren’t familiar with these Italian specialties, we think you are in for a real treat. Read on!

Amaretti (Almond Macaroons) By Special Order

These nutty Italian cookies were first made by monks in the 8th century. What was the secret? Almond paste…

When Catherine de’ Medici married King Henry II of France, she just had to bring along her pastry chefs. Later the almond paste was replaced with ground almonds. The French macaron was born!

At our Italian Pastry Shop, Joe Calabro, the pastry chef, and co-owner has perfected the technique. He bakes the amaretti until crispy, not chewy. Then, he adds ground almonds.

Read more about Joe and the cookies he makes in Bakers Journal magazine.

Pasti Secchi (Almond Cookies) by Special Order

Italian Specialties

Another variation on amaretti is the pasti secchi cookie. It is piped into a teardrop with a rosette and topped with a cherry. A delicious Italian specialty! 

“I add bitter almond oil to intensify the flavour and food colouring in either red or green. These are cookies for special occasions, especially Italian weddings,” says pastry chef Joe Calabro.

*** Please give at least 48 hours when ordering these Italian specialties.

Thank you for visiting us at Pasticceria Gelateria Italiana (PGI) our Italian Pastry Shop!

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