Tortes. Just what are they?

The Master Dictionary of Food & Wine, by Joyce Rubash, refers to torte as a word of German origin that describes “A rich cake made from eggs, nuts, and breadcrumbs, or a meringue shaped like cake.”

We just describe it as delicious! (See our torte line up below!)

Torte comes from the Italian word torta, which simply means cake. European tortes differ from the North American cakes, however. Tortes are generally very rich and dense, as the ingredients are comprised of very little flour. Instead ground nuts are often the main dry ingredients. You will find tortes layered with jam, fruits, mousses, meringues, and frostings.


PGI’s Line Up

Fruit Favourites

  • Bavarian Fresh Fruit Filled Torte
  • Lemon
  • Lemon Raspberry
  • Mango Layer Torte
  • Strawberry Kirsch Torte
  • Pumpkin Praline Cranberry
  • Tropical Fruit Deluxe

The Chocolate Collection

    • Black Forest
    • Chocolate Almond Layers
    • Chocolate Amaretto Layered
    • Chocolate Fudge Pecan
    • Chocolate Grand Marnier
    • Chocolate Marzipan
    • Chocolate Pistachio
    • Chocolate Praline
    • Chocolate Raspberry
    • Chocolate Sacher*** story below
    • Chocolate Strawberry
    • Chocolate Swiss Torte
    • Chocolate Truffle Torte
    • Chocolate Victorian ( Also known as Chocolate Rum)
    • Coconut Layered Torte
    • Gianduja (or Chocolate Hazelnut)
  • The Classics

    • Mimosa Torte
    • Mocha Coffee
    • Opera Torte
    • Honore Torte
    • Tiramisu Layered Torte

The Most Famous Torte of All

The most famous torte is the Sacher Torte. And you will find it in The Chocolate Collection. Our tortes are very chocolate forward!

The Sacher Torte was invented at the Hotel Sacher, in Vienna Austria, back in 1832. It’s a densely, decadently rich, chocolate creation, with a shiny, chocolate ganache on top. Delightful!

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